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a decoration company
We’ve already done projects for this company, so preparing a brief went rather fast. We had to develop an informative and convenient web shop with plenty of info for the visitors: franchise, partnership and user instructions.
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EARNED - 33.100$/MONTH
seo продвижение
Project description:
Corporate website with an online store
( 01 )
Project results:
The website earned 33.000€ in 1 year just by SEO traffic and no advertisement budget.
( 02 )
To develop clear and engaging text we performed a thorough analysis of competitors' websites. Then we consulted with the TopGeliy managers team and gathered all the key information, to brainstorm and create the final text afterwards.
We used optimal SEO settings to bring customers from search engines to the website. Headers, descriptions, meta tags for each page and each picture are set, so everything gets indexed just as planned. Also we made an optimal website structure for better customer experience and SEO purposes. Additionally, we created a blog section that helps search search ranking as well.