Safety system
Our client was selling through e-commerce marketplaces mostly. They decided to expand sales with a website, so they contacted us. Our customer wanted to set a separate price for businesses and individuals, and organize goods and services in a catalog.
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Project description:
Corporate website with an online store and user accounts system
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Project result:
We developed corporate identity for the company. We used orange shades to convey security and trust. Orange color was used to highlight buttons and icons, where we needed to focus the visitor’s attention.

We analyzed competitor websites to better understand their selling points. Based on that, we made a brief survey for the client, and after we got all the answers, we wrote the perfect website text that covers all the customer’s pain points.

We developed user accounts, so buyers could manage their orders conveniently.

"K-6" works mostly on the B2B market, where prices and conditions differ from working with private individuals. For convenience of both, we made separate pages with products for corporate and private clients.
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