Project description: Corporate website and branding development

The client needed a website to bring premium clients, since social networks are not suitable for promotion to this target group. The site was designed to enhance the company's image, and to effectively showcase finished projects, plays a crucial role for sales in this niche.
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Corporate website and branding development
( 01 )
The website information was structured in a way that builds user’s trust to the company at every stage of cooperation. Accordingly, it increases the conversion rate.
( 02 )
We came up with a gift idea for new clients - they could get a free design project when they leave contact details. Since the analysis of competitors did not reveal any similar offers, the introduction of such a bonus gives a competitive advantage.
Then, we've developed a brand new look and feel that's sure to appeal to the client's target audience: premium customers who want to make their homes look beautiful and modern. That's why we chose regal gold as our primary color – it's a symbol of luxury and wealth. And as a secondary color, we picked a trustworthy brown, which speaks to the reliability of the company. When users see these colors, they'll immediately associate them with their own desires, which will make them eager to get in touch.